What is USDirectoryFinder?

Click the map to search all available people directories and databases. Search thousands of directories across all 50 states for individuals to get a wide range of valuable contact information and records. Search for court information, inmate records, jail and booking records, arrest records, warrants, state government employees, organization members, university staff and faculty members, students at hundreds of nationwide universities and colleges, lawyers and legal professionals, even long lost friends. The other ways to search include 1. clicking topic specific directories above. 2. entering a name into the nationwide records form. 3. using the site search box below to enter queries that you’re looking for information on. The site Inmate Locators are sorted by state and then county.

UsDirectoryFinder gathers directories from across the internet and categorizes them in a searchable manner. Tools here can help you gather knowledge on someone’s criminal past including court records, arrest records, marriage and divorce records, addresses, job details, contact information including phone number and email, genealogical data, and much more. The information provided is suitable for people looking to fulfill their own curiosity and not intended for consumer credit approval or anything requiring FCRA compliance.

Locate Inmates:

The information on inmates found here are extracted from records held at The Department of Corrections and the State Bureau of Investigation. The inmate locator displays active sentencing information by the title of the statute under which the offender was convicted. Only the current and active sentence shows the original minimum and original maximum release and parole dates. Information about inmates with pending consecutive sentences, technical parole violations, and/or out of state charges should be found at the States Bureau of Investigation. You can also determine whether or not an offender has received a Pardon from the Governor for the specified crime.

Corrections departments update their information regularly to ensure that it is complete and accurate, however, the information may not reflect the current location, status, projected release date, or other personal information regarding an inmate. This information is made available to the public and law enforcement in the interest of public safety. Reliance in any information provided herein is at users sole risk.

In addition to the State and County Department of Corrections information we also provide a premium service for jail roster and sheriff booking information. Simply use the search form to locate the individual and continue to checkout.

Search Nationwide, State and County Court Records

The free Court Case databases in all directories allow the public to search freely by Party Name, Case Number, and Citation Number. Most State Court Case directories provided include data from Supreme Court, Civil and Criminal decisions dating back to at least 2001. Look up Traffic, Family, and Probate case information.

Each case search result includes (when available) disposition date, charges, parties, dockets, disposition summary, citation, filing date, judge, court, county, and title.

Sometimes pre-trial information will be provided under the dockets section of each case details page.

Find Information on University Faculty and Staff

There are over 2500 universities in the United States. The directory information available at USDirectoryFinder covers those with publically viewable databases. Use the service to find administrators, professors, aids, and maintenance department employees among other areas of the school.

Results include but are not limited to Department, Title, Email, Telephone and Building.

Also search student directories that include Name, Nickname, School, Class year, Program of study, Degree or study, Mailing address, Campus address, Email address, Phone number and more.

Could There Be A Warrant Out For Your Arrest?

If you believe for any reason there could be an Active Warrant our for your arrest the first thing you should do is consult your lawyer. Most lawyers or private investigators have resources to search law enforcement databases. If you know what county sheriffs department may be looking for you then a search on this website could help you. Browse the Warrant section and look for the county in the list of available resources. When all other options turn up nothing then stopping a police officer in the street and asking them may be your best and fastest method of getting to the bottom of your suspicions. No matter where you lookup warrant and arrest information it’s imperative that you handle all your legal obligations before your situation is made worse by ignoring.