UsDirectoryFinder is an All In One resource for acquiring contact information on an individual. Track down students, faculty members, lawyers, government employees, criminals, inmates, and even owners of unknown phone numbers calling you.

The free directories are completely free to use. UsDirectoryFinder has gathered this data from hundreds of thousands of online websites. Every category is put together in an easy to use searchable interface. Let’s say you know you want to search the student directory for a college but don’t want to navigation the thousands of pages on the institutional website. UsDirectoryFinder has an easy to navigate website getting you directly to the student directory page for hundreds of nationwide schools. Is there a government employee database you’d like to search? We have over 1000 pages of government websites to browse and help you track down whoever you’re looking for. If you need legal services we have this also. Search laywers from all around the country working for various firms and specific accreditation’s. The inmate directory is second to non covering thousands of US county sheriff and courthouse jails.

UsDirectoryFinder has created a platform for users but user generated feedback is essential. Please contact us with any ideas or suggestions to improve our service. What resources will better help you? Or leave comments on any of our posts, pages, and categories.