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Sheboygan County Jail Address

Sheboygan County Jail
527 N 6th St
Sheboygan, WI

Phone:(920) 459-3127

Sheboygan County, WI Offense Statistics
Violent Crime 26
Murder and Non-Negligent Manslaughter 2
Rape (revised and legacy definition) 4
Robbery 1
Aggravated Assault 19
Property Crime 368
Burglary 42
Larceny-theft 310
Motor Vehicle Theft 16
Arson 1
Data Source: FBI Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program – Offenses Known to Law Enforcement by Metropolitan and Nonmetropolitan Counties, 2015
Note: The data shown in this table does not reflect county totals but are the number of offenses reported by the sheriff’s office or county police department

Sheboygan County Sheriff's Office

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Sheboygan County Sheriff's Office
Sheboygan County Sheriff's OfficeMonday, March 18th, 2019 at 11:44am

All lanes are open as the scene is cleared.


Lane restrictions on SB I-43 at mile marker 127 due to a vehicle fire. Expect delays and pay attention to officers directing traffic.
Sheboygan County Sheriff's Office
Sheboygan County Sheriff's OfficeSunday, March 17th, 2019 at 4:21pm
Law of the week

This week we get to address several seasons with one law. The law we will be addressing is placing injurious substance on highway.

This law states:

346.94 Miscellaneous prohibited or restricted acts.

(5) Placing injurious substance on highway. No person shall place or cause to be placed upon a highway any foreign substance which is or may be injurious to any vehicle or part thereof.

The first step is to determine what is meant by “highway” in state statute:

“Highway" means all public ways and thoroughfares and bridges on the same. It includes the entire width between the boundary lines of every way open to the use of the public as a matter of right for the purposes of vehicular travel. It includes those roads or driveways in the state, county or municipal parks and in state forests which have been opened to the use of the public for the purpose of vehicular travel and roads or driveways upon the grounds of public schools, as defined in s. 115.01 (1), and institutions under the jurisdiction of the county board of supervisors, but does not include private roads or driveways as defined in sub. (46).

The second step is to determine what is meant by “injurious substance”. This is another one of those definitions that does not exist in state statute, so we once again have to turn to the dictionary for a definition:

Injurious is an adjective meaning “causing or likely to cause damage or harm.”

Finally we must determine what is meant by “vehicle” in state statute:

“Vehicle" means every device in, upon, or by which any person or property is or may be transported or drawn upon a highway, except railroad trains. A snowmobile, an all-terrain vehicle, a personal delivery device, and an electric personal assistive mobility device shall not be considered a vehicle except for purposes made specifically applicable by statute.

Put these three things together and we can start to breakdown what this statute means.

Essentially no person can place any substance on a public road which may cause damage to any vehicle. This can seem fairly obvious when it comes to gravel, metal, etc. The less obvious meaning would be things like snow and grass clippings.

We know you are thinking, but how can grass clippings damage a vehicle? Fear not, we have the answer.

While grass clippings may pose little risk to a four wheeled vehicle, think about things like motorcycles, mopeds, and bicycles. These vehicles have much less tire surface area and thus can be affected much more severely. If somebody were to deposit a large amount of grass clippings on the roadway and it were to rain, those clippings would become very slippery and pose a hazard to our 2 wheeled friends. Just like gravel, under the right circumstances grass clippings could cause a crash and thus can be injurious.

The same goes for snow placed in the roadway. Not only can it make the roadway dangerous, but in large enough quantities it can directly damage vehicles in the form of snow piles.

While it may seem silly to some, especially those who like to blow all of their snow and grass clippings into the roadway, we take this very seriously due to the hazard they pose. Our roadways are already getting more hazardous by the day with all of the distractions we now have to deal with, please help us to minimize avoidable hazards by doing the right thing.

A citation for violating this statute can cost you $200.50

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Sheboygan County Sheriff's Office
Sheboygan County Sheriff's OfficeSunday, March 17th, 2019 at 3:13pm
Sheboygan County Sheriff's Office
Sheboygan County Sheriff's OfficeThursday, March 14th, 2019 at 4:47pm
Sheboygan County Sheriff's Office
Sheboygan County Sheriff's OfficeThursday, March 14th, 2019 at 4:16pm
With the rain and melting snow, rivers and ditches are flooding, causing some roads to flood. Please drive with caution, if you come upon a flooded road, don’t risk driving through it, as the depth and speed of the water are likely deceiving.
Sheboygan County Sheriff's Office
Sheboygan County Sheriff's OfficeTuesday, March 12th, 2019 at 8:26pm