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Weber County Jail


According to the latest jail census:
Average Daily Inmate Population: 1058
Inmate Capacity: 888
Year Constructed: an unknown year
Full-Time Staff: 240
Total Staff Salaries: $12,531,506

Phone:(801) 778-6600

Weber County, UT Offense Statistics
Violent Crime51
Murder and Non-Negligent Manslaughter1
Rape (revised and legacy definition)14
Aggravated Assault27
Property Crime748
Motor Vehicle Theft49
Data Source: FBI Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program – Offenses Known to Law Enforcement by Metropolitan and Nonmetropolitan Counties, 2015
Note: The data shown in this table does not reflect county totals but are the number of offenses reported by the sheriff’s office or county police department
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Here is a good heads up for a current scam going around!
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Farr West- Just after school on Monday afternoon, Deputies responded to a single car crash near 2600 W. North Plain City Road. Two 16 year old girls from Farr West suffered minor injuries after their Jeep Cherokee collided with a power pole. The driver sustained a laceration to her forehead and the passenger suffered a neck injury. Both were taken to a local hospital and released a short time later. Both were wearing seat belts at the time of the crash.

Traffic Investigators determined speed to be a factor as the SUV failed to navigate a slight curve in the roadway. The driver was cited for careless driving. As the pictures show, these two girls were very lucky and were only inches away from more serious injuries or death. The Weber County Sheriff's Office wants to remind drivers to slow down and avoid any distractions when behind the wheel. Please drive safely and remember to always wear your seat belt!
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Several members of the Weber County Sheriff's Office, as well members of the Weber County Search and Rescue Team, Weber County Shops were recognized at the Weber County Commision meeting on Febuary 20th. The Sheriff's Office is proud of the hard work and dedication these employees and volunteers show on a daily basis.

Medal of Merit
Detective Steve Haney

Life Saving Award
Deputy Jacob Wiese
Deputy Bowdie Malan

Unit Citation: WCSO Marine Patrol
Deputy Mike Mcdonald
Deputy Tyler Greenhalgh
Deputy Bowdie Malan
Deputy Weston Voth
Deputy Kevin Logerquist
Deputy Jacob Wiese
Deputy Kyley Slater

Sheriff's Medal:
Rob Tyler
Kyle Nyland

Weber County Search And Rescue Awards:

Sheriff's Medal:
Art Pluim

Medal of Merit:
Lt. Brandon Toll
Sgt Mark Horton
Deputy Bowdie Malan
Dave Casperson
Rick Goodliffe
Don Olsen
Shaun Palm
David Phillips
Art Pluim
Howard Pluim
Mark Pluim
Dustin Robley
Kevin Tams
Sheri Trbovich
Buffi Tuttle
Scott Willis
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This is a video that was posted in November. We have received a lot of interest in our program.

A message from Sheriff Thompson: I had a great time filming this episode of Guns Explained. More importantly we highlighted a program that I take great pride in - Teaching our school officials how to protect our children. My gratitude to Cameron and staff and my excellent cadre of instructors led by Lt. Jeff Pledger!
Guns Explained
Today, we visit a one-of-a-kind program designed to help educators in the state of Utah who choose to carry concealed on their school properties to be more prepared to deal with an active shooter scenario. Special thanks to WEBER COUNTY SHERIFF'S OFFICE for helping make this episode possible.Also, an important announcement...Subscribe on Patreon to help support more episodes: patreon.com/gunsexplained
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Thank you Mayor Bolos for being brave and putting on the bite suit!
WEBER COUNTY SHERIFF'S OFFICEThursday, February 22nd, 2018 at 3:28pm
Due to the recent school shooting and renewed attention to school security we are re-posting our training that the Weber County Sheriff’s Office provides to our school district officials. This article was written several years ago but is relevant even more so today. We encourage other school districts, law enforcement agencies, and government officials to consider a similar program in their area as they look for solutions to protecting the safety and security of our kids.

Weber County Sheriff Terry L. Thompson.


A severely troubled active shooter taking the life of many very young elementary age children and courageous teachers in Sandy Hook, Connecticut, shook the reality of many school officials, even with the past incidents of active school shootings that have taken place over the years. Teachers have traditionally believed that their presence would be enough to protect their students from harm. Further, elementary schools seemed off limits even to killers. The stark reality of Sandy Hook was that those brave and loving teachers died along side of their students, being unable to protect them. This reality has become a game changer for our teachers and school officials, who desire to protect their students from the evils of this world.

As law enforcement professionals, we understand the critical importance of an armed response on site as the most effective means of preserving our children’s lives in the initial few moments of an active shooter. With the desire to protect on the part of our school officials, and the love and compassion that we have as Weber County law enforcement for the most innocent among us – our children; we have committed ourselves to provide the training necessary for our teachers to prepare to protect our kids. In Fall of 2013, we began a 28 hour course of instruction specifically designed for teachers and school administrators within the Weber County School District. This training has been well received by all participants who have shown their desire to protect their students from a killer…

High School Teacher- I wanted to thank both Lt. Jeff Pledger and Sheriff Thompson for putting this course together. It is unfortunate that there is a need for such training. However, that is the world we live in. The training exceeded my expectations! The professionalism of you and your officers was unbelievable. There were several things over the course of the class that stuck out to me: I really value the stress on gun safety from the very first night. As you know more than I do, accidents can always be traced back to poor gun safety. The history of shootings was a valuable part of the class. Medical training was awesome. Bringing a police officer’s perspective of what these situations look like from your end was very helpful. Not sugar coating the reality of a school shooting situation was eye opening and helpful for me to realize what could happen, and “There is no safety in denial” –That will really stick with me.

We have successfully taken professional educators, many who are relatively unfamiliar with the use of force or firearms, and over the course of several weeks trained them in sound decision making and the safe and effective use of force. Perhaps more importantly, we have instilled the mental preparation necessary to protect children and survive a deadly force encounter within our academic environment. The confidence of participants completing this course of instruction has been nothing short of phenomenal. We thank our wonderful teachers for their willingness to sacrifice their valuable time and resources.

High School Teacher - I wanted to write to tell you thanks for the high quality program Sheriff Thompson and Lieutenant Jeff Pledger made happen. I have never been a part of a class that didn’t make me feel tired after even just an hour, especially a late night class. Your class was such that nobody was anxious to go home or tired even after four hours. Thanks for treating us with respect even though teachers and law enforcement are so far removed from each other (though we both want what’s best for youth). You showed everyone utmost respect as you taught us and put up with our questions.

The following is a summary of the training provided to our school officials:
• Review of past active shootings and understanding the nature of active and determined killers.
• Law enforcement response to an active shooter. What to expect and as a teacher what to do.
• Potential actions and response to an active shooter based on proximity and circumstances.
• Mental preparation to act swiftly, effectively, and efficiently to protect students.
• School District direction and policy regarding possession of firearms on school grounds.
• Utah State Deadly Force laws and elements of the use of deadly force.
• Fundamentals of gun handling, safety, and marksmanship combined with 8 hours of live fire range work under the careful scrutiny of experienced firearms instructors.
• Practical hands-on scenario based force on force training in a mock school setting.
• Practical Immediate emergency medical gear and treatment of traumatic injury.
• Coursework necessary for our participants to receive their Utah Concealed Firearm Permit.

Junior High School Teacher - The training on the range and at the tactical center was extremely valuable. I feel very prepared to continue practicing at the range and deal with a situation in my school to the best of my ability. I want to take a second to personally thank you guys for starting this class. I know that you and I have both chosen our careers because we want to make the world a better place. I have been trained both by the district and in college how to help children. The kids can come to me with emotional concerns or with academic concerns and I know how to help them when they are mentally or emotionally vulnerable. I had been thinking about what I can do if a child is vulnerable physically. There is really nowhere to turn in order to train teachers what to do. Classes aren’t offered by the district or the universities. I myself felt totally unprepared and vulnerable when it came to physical danger in my classroom. Now I feel so much more prepared and I’m confident that I can make a difference if a problem ever arises.

Elementary School Teacher - I have nothing but positive feedback for this program. I honestly looked forward to each session of the course. The information and training you and your team provided was exactly what I needed to help me prepare mentally and physically for this type of event.

Many great articles have been written and excellent thoughts with true merit provided on making our schools a safer environment for our kids leading up to an active shooter and subverting that threat before it becomes a reality. However there is no substitute for immediate force at the outset of a killing spree at that moment in time when other options have proven ineffective and lives are imminently in peril. This is not the time for political correctness; this is the time for decisive defensive action to protect and defend our children – period…

Elementary School Teacher - John and I thank you both and your fellow officers for a very worthwhile experience. We left each night of the School Safety Protection Training with a better understanding of the great responsibility one has if they choose to be a “sheepdog.” We were impressed that you encourage citizens to become concealed weapons carriers and stand up to the “wolves” in order to protect ourselves and the “little lambs” in our charge each day.
Lt. Pledger, you did an amazing job providing background on school shootings that first night. In your commentary of this history you were able to truly convey the real potential of what a school shooter is capable of. It shed light on what we need to prepare for. That a shooter may even be a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Thank you for all the information that night and for sharing Lt. Col. Dave Grossman’s essay. That really hit home.
There are so many anti-gun people, some close to us, that feel teachers and school staff carrying guns is a ridiculous idea. We understand that school shootings do happen, have happened and potentially will happen in the future. We are also fully aware of what tragically happens in a school when school staff are unarmed during a shooting. Therefore, this was an opportunity we couldn’t pass up and we fully support faculty and staff member’s right to carry. We do hope more teachers consider taking this course.
The idea of barricading the door and the reasons behind it, while describing what a school shooter is after, really stuck with us. It was something we hadn’t thought about or discussed as a faculty while planning lockdown drills. We have since applied this idea both the last evening of class during the simulation and at our first lockdown drill at school.
Being first time gun owners, we really appreciated the firearms safety and gun law portion of the class. Having access to the firing range with officers there to help us become familiar with our guns was invaluable. It was amazing to have someone right there to see where we needed help. This instruction and practice, hopefully, kept us from developing bad firearms habits.
The addition of a first aid component is a great idea. The mindset needed in a shooting situation reviewed that night is something I won’t forget. Before, I would have thought “game over” if I was shot. Now, the suggestion that “one stays in the fight,” might just be what would get me through something like this.
Finally, thank you very much for your time and effort in providing this class and thank you for your service to the “flock.” Thank you for being “Sheepdogs.”
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