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According to the latest jail census:
Average Daily Inmate Population: 139
Inmate Capacity: 164
Year Constructed: 1998
Full-Time Staff: 46
Total Staff Salaries: $2,287,254

Phone:(435) 734-3300

Box Elder County Sheriff's Department
Box Elder County Sheriff's Department shared a Page.Tuesday, February 21st, 2017 at 4:01pm
In an effort to consolidate updated information regarding the flooding in Box Elder County, please refer to Mitch Zundel (IPO) and the facebook page https://www.facebook.com/BECountyEmergencyNotification/
Box Elder County Sheriff's Department
Box Elder County Sheriff's DepartmentTuesday, February 14th, 2017 at 3:44pm
Standing between Chief Deputy Dale Ward and Sheriff Kevin Potter are Chuck and Julie Gailey of the Box Elder Eagles 2919 and Laretta Beasley, mother of the late Trooper Aaron Beesley, and Margie Ellsworth, mother of the late Trooper Eric Ellsworth.
The Eagle held a Thank You Dinner for all those who serve. The Officers who attended contributed the cost of the meal to Concerns Of Police Survivors (C.O.P.S.) http://utahcops.org . The Eagles matched the donations bringing the total to $300.
Box Elder County Sheriff's Department
Box Elder County Sheriff's DepartmentMonday, February 13th, 2017 at 6:37pm
For the next few weeks a representative, Matt Kister, from Law Publications will be making contacts throughout the county requesting funding for some brochures. He is trying to fund the latest edition of “Let’s All Work to Fight Drug Abuse”

This is a brochure made available to the Sheriff’s Office to be handed out to schools, civic groups, church groups, etc.

Mr. Kister works for a private company but this is a legitimate effort to help pay for publications that the Box Elder County Sheriff’s Office might not otherwise be able to afford. If during his contact Mr. Kister tells you that he is working with the Box Elder County Sheriff; that is in fact true.

Thank you,
Kevin Potter, Sheriff
Box Elder County Sheriff's Department
Box Elder County Sheriff's Department shared Box Elder County Emergency Management's post.Friday, February 10th, 2017 at 11:40pm
Box Elder County Sheriff's Department
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UPDATED 02/12/2017 6:30 PM*****UPDATE****UPDATE

Press Release

Date – 02/10/2017 Time – 1:30 PM

INCIDENT - General Conditions Box Elder County

LOCATION – All of Box Elder County

AGENCIES/OFFICERS INVOLVED – Box Elder County Sheriff, Box Elder County Road Department and Box Elder County Emergency Management

RELEASEABLE INFORMATION – The information contained in this release is going to progress from the first issues and then updated daily. Please monitor Box Elder County, Sheriff and Emergency Management Facebook pages for updates.

Late Tuesday 02/07/2017 Weber County breached the road in their county at the intersection Box Elder 2000 West and Weber County 4000 North to relieve pressure of water on homeowners. The pipe at this intersection was unable to handle the volume of water trying to go through it.

Water running over the Naf Road from Strevell to Yost. Culverts under the road were at capacity and cannot handle all the rain and snowmelt coming off of the mountain/fields. If it continues to increase it is likely the road will wash out and/or have to be closed. Attempts are being made to limit the traffic at this time.

Reports are coming that the Lynn Reservoir is overflowing. This was checked by Box Elder Road personnel and proven false. The water is not anywhere near going over the spillway. Estimate is as much as 15 ft buffer is still available for the water to rise before it gets to the spillway.

Overnight there were reports of serious flooding in Montello NV area with severe flooding and an earth dam breach at a reservoir (21 Mile or 23 Mile). Hope was that Dake Reservoir would contain the water. Deputies confirmed during the night that the main highway NV-SR233/UT-SR30 had breached about one mile west of the UT/NV state line. UPRR tracks were compromised in the area of Montello NV shutting down rail service. UT-SR30 is closed at the Curlew Junction (UT SR30/SR42) to through traffic. At this time there are no issues with the highway in Utah but is restricted to local traffic only.

During the day Sheriff Potter confirmed the highway breach that continued to get more severe. Box Elder Road Supervisor and Sheriff Potter found the UPRR Crossing at Lucin on the Pilot Mountain Road had washed out; making that road impassible from Lucin south.

The Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge has closed the auto tour loops due to the issues. There is water flowing slightly at the Texas Crossings (dips) but is not closed at this time. Please check with the front desk for updates at 435-723-5887. At this time the Eagle Day Tours are cancelled.

Cutler Dam is beginning to release water to offset the water entering the reservoir. The dam is not in any danger; the water is simply being released as routine maintenance of the levels.

Overnight news from Montello NV area was reports of increased flooding. Extensive damage to the highway and also to the UPRR grade. Both are closed with an unknown date of repair. Road personnel interviewed estimated the road would not be open until March or April.

Cutler Dam will be increasing their release of water to maintain the reservoir to proper levels. Peak release is estimated to be Sunday/Monday and could be as much as 8000 CFS. They are currently at 5200 CFS. Anyone having livestock anywhere downstream along the Bear River are urged to monitor water levels very closely and be prepared to move the animals to higher ground.

Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge main road continues to be open at this time. Auto Tour is closed. With release of water from Cutler Dam the water levels will rise. Before going you should check at 435-723-5887 for an update.

Elwood City reports some sluffing of hillsides at Peterson Park. There has been some water running across 4400 West in this area and causing some sluffing of the road shoulder. Road is not compromised at this time but is being monitored closely.

Naf Road is open to high profile vehicles only. There is water crossing in several areas and Highway personnel have shored up the areas with rock but they are still beginning to wash out.

Reports are coming in that water is beginning to run over 25600 North in Snowville.

3:00 pm Box Elder Sheriff has just been notified that the Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge is being closed.

Cutler Dam personnel report that the release is presently at 6500 CFS and due to the amount of water entering the reservoir they estimate that the peak release could be as much as 9000 CFS on Sunday.

Cutler Reservoir is holding at a 7800 CFS release of water and is expecting to be able to hold there due to the cooler temperatures and the rain subsiding in Cache County.

The Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge is closed and they have cancelled the Eagle Watch event for today.

The Naf road remains open to Yost to high profile vehicles. It is still flooding and is heavily damaged.

We are flying the Lucin area to determine the full extent of the damage in that area due to the flooding.

Peterson Park in Elwood continues to have some earth slippage. This area is on the west side of the Bear River drainage. The road in that area, 4400 West, has been closed due to water damage.

In the northwest part of Box Elder County, Goose Creek, there is substantial flooding causing some issues with livestock. Roads are heavily damaged in the area of Oakley, Cassia County Idaho, but are still open to high profile vehicles. Unknown condition of the road between Grouse Creek and Goose Creek. Goose Creek is reported to be running in excess of 4000 CFS and has washed out private bridges in the area.

The Lynn Reservoir is full and starting to run into the overflow. Concerns with ice still on the reservoir; that issue is being monitored. The overflow is opened to the maximum flow. Water is not going over the spillway at this time.

Box Elder County and Brigham City are working today to restock the sandbag supplies. Box Elder Emergency Management is operating at a low level activation in order to track the issues and keep communications open.

7:00 PM

Debrief for the flight today revealed no significant flooding or damage along the UPRR grade (Lucin Cutoff) until reaching Lucin. Pilot Mountain Road damage seems to be concentrated in the Lucin area. Significant damage was observed to the UPRR and roads west of Lucin to the Nevada border. No damage was noted in the Bear River drainage from Corinne north to Cutler Dam. Water is flooding into fields adjacent to the Bear River in many locations. A number of photographs were taken and will be reviewed and analyzed next week.

Cutler Reservoir has increased the outflow to 9500 CFS. Again this is a maintenance procedure to simply compensate for flow going into the reservoir. Cutler Dam is not at risk.

4400 West in Elwood is closed due to water damage.

No change in the Naf road.

Lynn Reservoir is full but stable at last report. Overflow is at maximum flow.

Grouse Creek Road has an approximate two (2) mile section where portions are covered in water. This section of roadway is located about half way between UT-SR30 junction and the community of Grouse Creek. High profile vehicles would be recommended to travel this route. The condition of the Grouse Creek Road north to Goose Creek and Idaho is unknown. Last report received the road into Oakley, Cassia County ID was passable by high profile vehicle only.

The Pilot Mountain Road from Lucin to Wendover is closed due to the washout of the UPRR Crossing at Lucin; this means there is no through traffic available from UT-SR30 to Wendover. It is reported that a number of people are attempting to get to Montello NV by way of the Pilot Mountain Road from Wendover north and getting stuck. There is no land route available from Box Elder County to Montello NV at this time. Road closed signs will be posted in Tooele County on Pilot Mountain Road. This road is available for local traffic only. Box Elder and Tooele County agencies are coordinating efforts in regards to this issue.


Cutler Dam and Bear River drainage. Cutler is holding outflow at around 9500 CFS. Weather and cooler temperatures have aided in stabilizing the inflow to the reservoir. Continued monitoring of the bridges across the Bear River are revealing no issues thus far.

4400 West in Elwood is still closed. Biggest concern is the stability of the road base due to instability of the soil in the immediate area of Peterson Park.

There are reports coming in of homes being flooded in the Elwood and Honeyville areas due to water from snowmelt on the adjacent fields around the homes. Reports are as many as a dozen homes.

No change in the Naf road.

Lynn Reservoir has stabilized and reports are it has actually gone down some. Again cooler temperatures and weather have helped this situation.

No new information on Grouse Creek Road or Goose Creek area.

UPRR crews are working on the Lucin crossing at Pilot Mountain Road. Once this area is passible Box Elder County road crews will be able to begin assessing the damages and begin repairs to Pilot Mountain Road. This road remains closed to traffic; no change in status.

UT-SR30 has some damage east of Park Valley. Crews are working to repair the problem however it may require some more extensive repair. Even though there is no through traffic to Nevada those using the highway for local traffic should expect some delays due to the repair work.

RELEASED BY - Chief Deputy Dale Ward
Box Elder County Sheriff's Department
Box Elder County Sheriff's DepartmentThursday, February 9th, 2017 at 1:47pm
Road Closures in Box Elder County:
1. SR-233 in Nevada is Closed both directions due to flooding. Motorists traveling on Utah SR-30 will need to use an alternate route to Nevada.
2. 2000 W in South Willard (right at the border of Box Elder and Weber Counties) is closed due to flooding. Use 8700 South to get to the Willard Bay South Marina or other locations.
3. Naf Road in Idaho north and east of Yost is flooding. Use caution. The integrity of the road is being compromised. Currently not closed.
4. From the Bear River Bird Refuge: The Auto Tour Loop is closed due to water on the road. With all the rain and snowmelt, the Auto Tour Loop is unsafe. Please check back for updates or call the front desk (435-723-5887). Eagle Day tours are canceled.
Box Elder County Sheriff's Department
Box Elder County Sheriff's Department shared Box Elder County Emergency Management's post.Thursday, February 9th, 2017 at 11:55am