Lookup Active and Outstanding Warrants in Wilkes County, GA. Results Include: Mugshot, Name, Offense Description, Charges, Court Date, Age, Physical Description, Last Known Address

Georgia is made up of 159 Counties. The Wilkes County Seat is located in Washington,

Relevant Questions Regarding Warrants in Georgia

1. If there is an outstanding warrant on me, how do I turn myself in to the Sheriff’s Department?

To turn yourself in peacefully visit the Sheriff’s Office and advise the clerk you’d like to turn yourself in. The clerk will advise the Warrant Unit and a Deputy will help you fill out paperwork and finish the booking process.

2. In Georgia how do I check on the status of a warrant?

To lookup and check warrant status of yourself or someone else you can visit the Sheriff’s Office in Wilkes County and speak with someone located and working in the Warrant Division.

3. How can I take out a Warrant on someone else?

To take out a criminal warrant on someone you can visit the County Magistrate Court located in Wilkes County during normal business hours only.

4. What can I do if I have information on someone with a warrant?

If you have valuable information on the whereabouts of someone with a warrant contact the Warrant Unit in Wilkes County or call 911. You are able to keep your identity anonymous.