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Baca County Jail
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Springfield, CO

Phone:(719) 523-6677

Baca County Sheriff's Office

The Baca County Sheriff's Office created this page for the purpose of staying connected with the community while keeping the community updated on local affairs.Baca County Dispatch is the 911 Emergency answering point for all townships in Baca County: Campo, Pritchett, Springfield, Two Buttes, Vilas, and Walsh.Baca County 911: Always there, always ready.
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** Attention Residents *** Attention Residents ***

It has been brought to our attention that IRS scammers have recently been using local "fake" caller identification numbers. The numbers show to come from a local business or public agency office. Today in a call with a local community member when the local person terminated the call the scammer immediately called the community member back using on what appeared to be the Springfield Police Department non- emergency line.

The purpose of using local numbers is to get the call receivers guard down or to aid them in the intimidation attempts.

Please remember that the IRS will not contact you by phone they will send you a certified letter.

The IRS does not contact you by phone in the event of tax issues. These calls are timed with the tax season and are designed to get people frustrated and panicked into giving out personal information or banking information. They may call multiple times attempting to confuse the potential victims; they may become vulgar and make threats in an attempt to get you to cooperate.
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Thank you to all the members of the community who came to the Community Notification Meeting last Thursday night. Your patience and understanding was greatly appreciated. For the community members who were not able to be there, you can access information on the SVP the meeting was regarding at the link below. Prior to the information being released there was an educational portion to the meeting about Sex Offenses, designation of a Sexually Violent Predator and their supervision by probation or parole as necessary. If you would like more information on the educational portion of the meeting, you can send a message here or call. You can also reach out to the Domestic Safety Resource Center in Lamar (336-HELP). They have also left brochures at the Baca County Library and at the local law enforcement offices.There is a public list available at the Sheriff's Office of all registered sex offenders in Baca County.

Regarding the SVP, the charges on the site read as Sexual Assault, the actual conviction is Unlawful Sexual Contact. This subject does not have a violent criminal history.

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Here is the Baca county fair schedule everyone enjoy!
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