Obtain Driving Records in Arkansas using the online search form, visit an office in person, or order through the mail. Results include tickets, dui’s, accidents, moving violations, citations, license suspensions.

Insurance Record ($10.00): Usually requested for insurance purposes and is a 3 year record.
Commercial Record ($13.00): Usually requested for commercial driver license (CDL) holders for employment related purposes. Major violations are listed for 55 years from conviction date. Serious violations are listed for 4 years from conviction date. Railroad crossing violations, and out of service order violations are listed for 15 years from conviction date. All other convictions are listed for 3 years from conviction date.

Driving Records

Room 1130, PO Box 1272
Little Rock, AR 72203
(501) 682-7207

Fee: $10.00

DMV Web Site: http://doa.alaska.gov/dmv/akol/record.htm

Driving Record Mail-in Form: http://doa.alaska.gov/dmv/forms/pdfs/851.pdf