4Mar 2015
Mar 4, 2015

Privatized Prison Care Not up to Standard – Florida

While the practice of complete or partial privatization of health care for prisons is relatively new – most states have privatized within the last ten years –it has become popular due to the fact that it can drastically cut costs needed to run state prisons each year.

Corizon Health

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3Mar 2015
Mar 3, 2015

Service dogs and inmate rehabilitation

There are 4 major reasons as to why criminals are imprisoned; incapacitation, deterrence, retribution and rehabilitation. While they all seem to have a legitimate argument, the first 3 seem to have one major flaw.

While incapacitation prevents an offender from perpetrating another crime during incarceration, it fails to

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2Mar 2015
Mar 2, 2015

60-year-old Florida Man Covers up for Convicted Felon

A loud noise from the backyard of his home woke Louis Campbell, 60, about 3 a.m. Friday. Campbell advised the police that he obtained the gun hidden in his home and fatally shot the intruder, 22-year-old, Jeff Jean-Baptiste. Campbell’s girlfriend and teenage daughter

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25Feb 2015
Feb 25, 2015

Arkansas Issues “License to Discriminate”

Following up on recent developments in Kansas, the state of Arkansas has formally joined other leading states in reverting the battle against sexually-based discrimination.

According to the new law, local governments are not allowed to enforce actions against companies and businesses who refuse to offer their services

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